You’re Probably Taller Than These Celebrities


There’s a lot about celebrities we don’t know just from seeing them on the screen again and again, including their height! A few on this list have big enough personalities to make their short statures come as even more of a surprise. Or maybe less–Napoleon complex anyone?

1. Kanye West


With such an aggressive and domineering personality, even talking about giving a run for president a go in 2020, it might be hard to imagine that Kanye only measures 5’8″ tall.  His ranting certainly does make him seem larger than life, but could actually it be a Napoleon complex?


2. Woody Allen


We all know Woody Allen is quirky, but did we know he’s short too? Some self-aggrandizing here and there might have caused that confusion, but being 5’5″ has certainly not stopped him from producing at a mad clip. He’s put out about a film a year since the 80s.


3. Mark Wahlberg

Flickr – WEBNTV

Mark Wahlberg may have claimed to Newsweek in 1995 that he was 5’10”, but the truth is he’s a couple inches shorter: 5’8″. Is it just me, or does he seem taller on the big screen? Maybe I’ve just been distracted by his rugged good looks.


4. Lil Wayne


Turns out the name “Lil Wayne” is more than just a name. While many rappers throughout history have used the title ironically (think Lil Kim), Lil Wayne is actually a little bit lil at 5’5″. Retired at 35, surely being short on inches didn’t mean short on money.

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