The Roller Coaster Relationship Between Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Had A Bittersweet Ending

5. All Egos Aside

World Economic Forum

In 1997, Gates and Jobs, the latter of whom returned to Apple a year earlier, mutually decided to make amends and repair their relationship. At that year’s Macworld event, both men revealed that Microsoft would drop $150 million worth of shares in Apple. They also announced that both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office would be featured with the Mac.


6. Another Encounter

Jim Mattis

In 2006, Gates stepped down from Microsoft to focus more attention on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The following year, Jobs, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, reconnected with Gates at a fundraiser. “Steve and I did an event together, and he couldn’t have been nicer,” Gates told The Telegraph.

This wasn’t the last time they’d team see each other.


7. Taking The Stage

Joi Ito

At the 2007 D5 conference, both men joined forces again for a rare onstage interview. The highly-anticipated event resulted in technology fanatics filling the room to see the icons live. When asked about their storied history, Jobs stated, “We’ve also both been incredibly lucky to have had great partners that we started the companies with and we’ve attracted great people.”


8. Turn Back Time

Mueller /MSC

At the same convention, an audience member asked if Gates would emulate Jobs in any way if the clocks were turned back. “Well, I’d give a lot to have Steve’s taste. The way he does things is just different and, you know, I think it’s magical,” he said.

It wasn’t long until the world lost one of the biggest icons ever.

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