The Scientific Reason You’re Binge-Watching The Office For The 47th Time

5. Stick To The Status Quo


There is one final theory which scientists have proposed that’s a bit more complex: status quo bias. This term refers to our tendency to stick with the stuff we know because frankly, it’s reliable and finding something new is mentally exhausting. For obvious reasons, this could apply quite well to the act of re-watching movies or re-reading books.


6. Putting It To The Test


When two curious researchers paired up to tackle the question of why we tend to revisit old stories, the results were surprisingly inconsistent. People’s motivations for turning to what they found familiar didn’t fit into any one category. As it turns out, it really just depends on our mood!


7. Lazy And Lovable

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Instead of narrowing their research down to one lone conclusion, the researchers (Cristel Antonia Russell and Sidney Levy) broke it down into four basic categories. The most simple explanation they found as to why we love to re-watch movies? Familiarity typically leads to increased appreciation without demanding much mental energy.


8. Sweet Nostalgia


Unsurprisingly, one common motivation for re-watching old movies and TV shows that people expressed in their interviews with Russell and Levy was nostalgia. Whether it be the bittersweet feelings that arise from watching our favorite tearjerkers or the heartwarming sentiments evoked by familiar romcoms, there is no more reliable way to play up your current mood than revisiting the classics.

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