A Look Inside The Secret Coca-Cola Archives, Jam-Packed With Decades Of Soda History

For decades, Coca-Cola has held the top spot in the beverage industry. The brand has aligned itself with iconic artists, entertainers, and even fictional characters throughout the years, only adding to the sense of infamy which has followed the soda giant from its beginnings.

Wanna learn more about the pop culture-defining company? Read on for a peek into Coca-Cola’s never-before-seen secret archives…


1. Georgia Goodness


In order to access these exclusive archives, one must first journey all the way to Coca-Cola’s primary headquarters in Georgia. There, behind a key-card locked, inconspicuous-looking beige door, you will find it; the physical history of Coca-Cola as told by an artifact collection big enough to fill 2.4 miles of shelving.


2. Mouth-Watering Museum


So, what exactly do the physical archives of a 132-year-old global giant entail? If you’re picturing a warehouse full of old soda, prepare to have your mind blown. The collection includes thousands of vintage bottle designs, original pieces of artwork, advertisements, and even a few seemingly unrelated pieces.


3. The Man In Charge


The expansive archive is primarily the work of one devoted man: Coca-Cola company archivist (yes, you read that properly) Ted Ryan. Though his time with the company spans only a tiny portion of their history, Ted has spent the last 20 years dutifully maintaining the collection of Coca-Cola-related products.


4. Social Media Star


Though the massive collection of artifacts is in a hidden location far out of public reach, fans of the brand have been given a peek inside thanks to an Instagram account run by Ryan himself. The archivist regularly uploads snapshots of unique colllectibles to an audience of over 3,000 followers.

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