Perfect Strike! Adorable Senior Wii Bowling Leagues Popping Up Across The Country

Video games have come a long way from the original Nintendo or Sega. With the rise of the Internet came a wave of much more interactive play, including super-realistic movements and activities — and these systems are definitely designed for the young at heart.

Wii Sports Paved The Way For Virtual Reality Gaming

Long gone are the days that video games have been limited to sedentary play.

The Wii Sports game for the Nintendo Wii console allows you to virtually play your favorite sports and activities with a gaming remote, and it became a staple for young and old upon its release in 2006.

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Wii Bowling is one of the many games you can play, and it has recently taken the senior citizen sector by storm.

Seniors Have Taken A Liking To Bowling Virtually

Move over, young Wii fans. Senior citizens are starting to catch on to the fun and fitness of the Nintendo Wii, and Wii Bowling has caught the interest of many elderly.

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Many seniors in Pinellas County, Florida are meeting up to play this interactive game, and they are taking their competitive spirit to the next level.

These ladies and gents are here to win — and they definitely have their game faces on.

Senior Wii Bowling Leagues Are Forming

Many senior citizens have taken such a liking to the game, that they have started individual leagues to compete against one another.

Beth — a team member of the Safety Harbor Allstars — revels in her team’s undefeated status.

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Beth would describe herself as “technology ignorant,” but after playing Wii Bowling for some time she is much more comfortable with the newest tech.

She even admits she can now beat her grandkids at the game — which is no easy feat.

This Activity Is Bringing Seniors Together For A Competitive Cause

Other than helping the elderly become more comfortable with changing technology, Wii Bowling is keeping them active and mentally alert.

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Don’t let these grandparents fool you — the competition keeps them coming back for more.

Video games are no longer limited to the younger generation, and these seniors are proving you are never too old to enjoy a good, old-fashioned game of virtual bowling.

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