How To Show Your Dumb Friend That The Earth Is Indeed Round


The recent Flat Earth movement has taken science by surprise – and not in a good way.

With celebrities like B.O.B. and Kyle Irving coming out as supporters of the idea that the Earth is flat, a few famous people have once again undermined science by giving the theory the perception of validity.

However, with literal tons of evidence refuting the idea of a flat Earth, don’t buy into this movement’s stupidity. If you’re ever in an argument with one of these believers, here are 10 facts you can throw out there to prove the Earth is round.


1. That Lunar Eclipses Happen


Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth is between the moon and the sun, thus casting the Earth’s shadow onto the moon. Since the shadow is round and not, say, rectangular, it is easy to deduce that the Earth is, in fact, a sphere.

Not good enough for you? Well, #4 is a practical example that will stop any Flat Earther in their tracks.


2. Good Ol’ Gravity!


To Flat Earthers, gravity is a theoretical lie. Why? Because it proves the Earth is round, of course!

Gravity states that masses are attracted to other masses, with more massive objects having a higher attracting pull than smaller objects. This means that, because we are all equally attracted to the Earth’s center of gravity no matter where we stand on it, the Earth must be a sphere. That’s just science, y’all.

3. Different Time Zones


On a flat Earth, the sun would rise at the same time for everyone and set at the same time for everyone. This, obviously, is not the case in reality. Time zones are a symptom of this, showing that daytime in China is actually nighttime in the United States.

Still not good enough for your thick-headed friend? Well, #6 should be easy to demonstrate; all your friend has to do is look up.


4. Boats!

Wikimedia Commons

You don’t have to be nautically inclined to wrap this around your head. When a ship sails off into the ocean, it disappears from the bottom to the top. This happens because – shockingly – the Earth is indeed curved.

If the Earth was flat, the ship would sail into the distance and disappear once you could not see it anymore.

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