Start Spreading The News: Crazy Things You Don’t Know About New York City

The history of New York City is so vast that many things get forgotten about. Even die-hard residents will get a kick out of hearing random facts about their beloved city. From cemeteries to a simple slice of pizza, we run down 10 intriguing facts about the Big Apple.

First up, how a beloved arcade game landed several people in jail…


1. Pinball Wizard

Wayne Patrick Finn

Until 1978, it was illegal to play pinball in the city. If you owned a shop back then, it wouldn’t have been a wise decision to hold a secret pinball room in the area. Cops would often have pinball raids, which led to several owners losing their business. The mayor took a sledgehammer to the pinball machines and threw their parts in the ocean.


2. That’s Amore


Have you ever witnessed New Yorkers bickering about their favorite pizzeria? Well, it all began in 1895 when the first-ever pizzeria in the United States was opened in the Big Apple.

One of the smartest men of all time got his eyes on you.


3. The Dopey One

Al Aumuller

Physicist Albert Einstein never would’ve imagined that his body parts would travel the world. His eyeballs are stored in a safe somewhere in the city. His brain is locked away in London. Shortly before his death, Einstein’s son Hans gave permission to use his father’s brain for scientific purposes. We don’t think he mentioned anything about his eyes, though.


4. A Day Of Peace


Unfortunately, New York City is known for its high crime rate. On Nov. 28, 2012, the NYPD had an unexpected day off. This date marked the first time in the city’s history that no violent crimes were reported.

Serving a well-known street food comes with a shocking price.

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