10 Celebs Who Prove Very Successful People Are Also Gigantic Slobs

Did you know that creative, intelligent people tend to live messier lifestyles than most? At least, so say scientists. Many of the famous names on this list are known for being untidy, night owls, pottymouths, and may even skimp on hygiene. With such busy lives, who has time for cleanliness?


1. Albert Einstein


Aside from never combing his hair, Einstein also smoked used cigarette butts from the street. Yuck. Though, perhaps what he said to defend his desk is true: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is an empty desk a sign?” Touche, Einstein. Touche.


2. Marilyn Monroe

Prayitno – Flickr

Clark Gable’s biographer David Bret revealed Marilyn Monroe’s tendency to flatulate, eat in bed, and shove plates of unfinished food under the covers. Add that to rarely bathing and the plague of IBS, and that’s one filthy woman. Clearly, being beautiful and filthy are not mutually exclusive.


3. Mark Zuckerberg

Anthony Quintano – Flickr

Facebook’s creator is known for his disorganized workspace. The correlation between the messy desk and the creative genius is strong, though. Leaving things out not only saves time to work on something else, they also can serve as inspiration. I wonder what part of Zuckerberg’s mess inspired Facebook.


4. Mark Twain


I’m guessing what Twain lacked in workspace organization, he was saving for his writing, which was a far leap from disorganized. Many might wonder how one can keep track of their ideas under such a messy desk, but there is actually a strong link between that mess and creativity.

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