Teachers Dealing With Seriously Rude Students Just Went Viral For Putting Parents On Blast

We can all agree that a school is a place for education. But why should the learning stop there? Many parents today treat school as a long-term daycare and nothing more. They don’t reinforce their child’s education upon returning home and certainly never teach them new skills that schools leave out.

So where do you stand on this matter? Should parents be required to teach their children on more practical subjects outside of school? One Portuguese institution took a stand on this and the response is now going viral.

Portuguese School Stands Up To Unruly Children


Alastair Reed

We’ve all seen it during our years at school. Those kids that lash out at the teacher, throw food across the cafeteria or bully someone at recess. Children misbehaving is hardly a new phenomenon, but one Portuguese school is hoping to raise awareness about it. In their opinion, they can only teach the children so much while under their watch. A school is a place for academia with a side of socialization.

However, it’s up to the parents to teach children the basic principles of human behavior. So to get their point across, the school put up posters all over the hallway. Eventually, the message found it’s way to Facebook where it then went viral.

Dear Parents…


To summarize, the message contained five key points. Essentially, it mentioned that qualities such as manners, hygiene, and respect for elders are things that are taught at home. Teachers are busy enough with math, science, language, history and physical education to touch upon these other topics.

Besides, it makes their job much harder when children behave in such a negative manner. As a parent, it’s their responsibility to bring their kid up as functioning members of society. Not just to keep them alive.

Where Do You Stand On This?

Since the message went viral, people all over the world starting joining the conversation. It seems like his school said everything we’ve been thinking for years now but never actually said.

Simply raising a child isn’t enough. There are foundational elements that one can only teach at home and there are too many parents today that are either forgetting, or outright ignoring that fact. But maybe now, this conversation will spark a change.

Let us know what you think in the comments! Did this school go to far, or is it about time someone said it?

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