Every Terrible Trend On The Rise Linked To Smartphone Use


It seems we rely on our cell phones more and more each day. You can’t go to the supermarket without running into people who are fixated on their screens. With increased use comes more research on the short and long-term effects of cell phone use.

As you’re about to see, the results are anything but smart. More like “completely horrifying.”


1. Increased Vision Problems


Perhaps the most obvious side effect of increased cell phone use is the development of vision and eye problems. Staring at a small LCD screen over a long period of time causes users to squint at the screen while straining the eyes.

Smartphone use seems to specifically impact one, extremely vulnerable group.

2. More Cyberbullies & Keyboard Warriors


In a digital age where people can say what they want to others with minimal repercussions, cyberbullying is becoming a major societal threat. According to the Council for a Strong America, a staggering one-third of young people become victims of cyberbullying.

Not only that, teens risk physical pain to their own bodies, as you’ll see next.


3. Tendonitis & Arthritis


Swiping the screen right, left, up, and down may seem easy, but tendonitis lurks behind every swipe. The overuse of the joints in our hands has a good chance of turning into arthritis as the user gets older. But the pain in the hands is just the beginning and will be the least of the user’s problems.


4. Chronic Neck & Back Pain


While browsing on your smartphone, you may realize your head is constantly pointed down. This is the number one cause of back and neck pain. Overuse will bring about inflammation in your joints. Not to mention the problems associated with holding a phone between your ear and neck. This pain is just the beginning when considering the internal problems of using smartphones.

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