Every Terrible Trend On The Rise Linked To Smartphone Use

9. Astronomically Increased Chances Of Car Accidents


The National Safety Council reports nearly 1.6 million car accidents are caused by cell phone use each year. One out of every four of those accidents is directly related to texting and driving.

But even if you leave your cell phone alone in the car, the long-term effects will eventually affect everyone.


10. Long-Term Cancerous Effects

Wikimedia Commons

People have theorized that overusing our cell phones can cause cancer. The studies are leaning towards that fact. The electromagnetic radiation coming from our phones gets absorbed into our tissue. Since teenagers are still developing their nervous systems, their cancer risk is even higher.

Considering cell phones have multiple chances to affect our health, and even our lives, it is time to have an international discussion about the benefit-to-harm ratio before it is too late.

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