You Thought They Were Dead? These Celebs Are Actually Still Kicking

1. Kirk Douglas

Wikimedia Commons

Ever watched the 1960’s classic Spartacus and wonder “is the lead actor dead yet?” Well, you morbid cinephile, the answer is a resounding “no.”

Kirk Douglas is still kicking it at the tender age of 100 years old, making him the oldest entry on this list.


2. Carol Channing

Wikimedia Commons

Known for her enormous catalog of work in theater, her break-out performance in 1964’s Hello, Dolly!, and for being frequently impersonated by Ryan Styles on Whose Line Is It Anyway, Carol Channing is, in fact, still alive.

Betty White, on the other hand? Well, #10 might surprise you.


3. Stan Lee

Wikimedia Commons

Stan Lee and Marvel go together like peanut butter and chocolate, but it’s still shocking to know that Lee is actually older than the juggernaut comic book company he helped create.

At 94 years of age, Lee is still popping up as much as he can in every Marvel blockbuster. Not bad for his age, eh?

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