Unique TV-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make People Think You’re Oh-So Clever

There was a time when Halloween was just about tricks and treats. But as we grow older, the tricks become juvenile and treats become too sweet. Yet, we still have this instinctual urge to dress up in wild costumes every year for Halloween. In fact, one could argue adult costumes are far more creative than those of children.

Want to see some examples? These are for the big TV fans out there. By the end of it all, you’ll have more than a few good ideas for Halloween.


1. You’re Definitely Jealous Of This One


It’s every 90’s kid dream to dress up as characters from The Rugrats, and these four girls actually had the guts to pull it off. Forget the fact that they are all girls. Just give them credit for the creativity. Plus, they have a Reptar doll.


2. It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Realistic


When making your Halloween costume, take this piece of advice into consideration: it doesn’t always have to be a perfect rendition of the original. Like these girls for example. It’s just impossible to be a real “Catdog.” They did the best they could, though.


3. More 90’s Throwbacks


If you’re a 90’s kid but The Rugrats wasn’t quite your favorite show, then check out this idea. These two office coworkers combined the best of My Little Pony with Ms. Frizzel from The Magic School Bus.


4. This One Takes Commitment


It’s one thing if you decide to go the extra mile for this Halloween, but when all your friends join in, it’s an epic adventure. If you have five buddies that love Adventure Time as much as you, then this costume is a surefire way to turn heads.

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