How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Christmas God

If opening presents is the best part of Christmas, then wrapping presents has got to be one of the worst parts. It’s a chore, but it does not have to be nearly as terrible as it has been in the past.

It doesn’t matter if you’re all thumbs and hate dressing up gifts – this list will get you through the holidays looking like a gift-wrapping god.

The Supplies And Workstation

Before starting, you must ensure that you have the essentials. Scissors, tape, and (of course) wrapping paper are necessary, along with a large, flat surface to wrap on. This can be anything from a kitchen table to a hardwood floor, so long as it gives you plenty of room to work.

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Next, measure your wrapping paper. Place your boxed gift in the center of the unrolled paper. Make sure the decorative sides of the paper are facing down, then wrap the paper around the box. Once the box is completely covered, cut the paper from the roll and ready your tape.

Tape It Up

With your perfectly-fitted wrapping paper, center the box on it and wrap the paper completely around the box. Tape the paper to the box, making sure the wrapping is tight to the cardboard. The last thing you need is loose-fitted wrapping paper.


So far, things have been rather easy to follow. However, this next bit is the hardest part: folding the sides.

How To Fold Fantastically

Even the most professional of gift-wrappers flub this part up, so proceed with caution. Beginning with one side, fold its top flap down. This will create two “wings” on the side, which you will flatten against the box as symmetrically as possible.


With only the bottom side remaining, fold that up to overlap the top side and both wings. Tape this side down, then repeat this process for the other side, and voila – you’ve just wrapped a present like the champ you are.

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