You’re Not Going To Believe You’ve Been Doing This All Wrong Your Whole Life

Imagine going through your whole life and unknowingly making things more difficult for yourself. The bad news is, this is true for most of you reading this (and in more than one area).

No worries! We’re here to help.

Check out these 20 things that you’ve been doing wrong that will totally make your life easier when you start doing them right! Number 8 will completely blow your mind.


1. Learn How To Properly Tie Your Shoelaces


You’ve been tying your shoelaces since you were a kid, right? Well, chances are, you’ve been doing it wrong. According to Real Men Real Style, follow these steps to have laces that don’t come undone:

  1. Begin with the usual twist of laces.
  2. Make a bunny ear with one of the laces.
  3. Pull the other lace away from you (this is key).
  4. Cross the lace under the first one to make a knot.


2. Don’t Trash Your Utility Knife When The Blade Becomes Dull

Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that the lines on your utility knife are actually there so that you can break off the blade and keep using the same knife?! You shouldn’t throw out your utility knife when the blade becomes dull.


3. Yeah, You’re Making Scrambled Eggs Wrong, Too


Making breakfast is always a fun time, but did you know that you’re probably making scrambled eggs wrong? Many people believe that adding milk to your eggs makes them richer or fluffier. It actually doesn’t do much of anything at all, according to the Huffington Post.


4. Use A Straw To Evenly Distribute Butter On Your Popcorn


Getting popcorn at the movies? Grab a straw. Insert the straw into your popcorn and pour butter into the straw. This nifty idea popped up on Reddit and will help get the popcorn at the bottom of the bag nicely coated (and will save you a trip to the butter dispenser mid-movie).

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